About Alex K A.R.T. Academy

Alex K A.R.T. Academy provides transformational art journal classes and creativity coaching to assist you in remembering your soul purpose in times of the Great awakening.

Alex’s A.R.T. classes and creativity coaching are designed to:
- A. - Activate,
- R. - Remember your soul and,
- T. - Transforming any of your limiting into empowering beliefs.

I am a mixed media artist and photographer who loves animals, nature and the mystical world of the fairies, mermaids, dragons, unicorns and spirit animals. With my art classes, expect to connect and heal your inner child while having fun creating from your heart and soul.

We are currently living in the times of the Great Awakening, which is exciting but can be pretty challenging at the same time. For many of you, the last few years have been the catalyst to wake up spiritually. Earth is ascending, and the energy has been increasing ever since. Many of us are experiencing many ascension symptoms, and anxiety can be one of them.

Your soul is waking up; maybe you heard your call but are not quite sure what it is. You realise that the world is not what it seems, and something greater is at play. Perhaps you have never fit into society or always felt like the odd one out, and now it starts to make sense to you. You were always meant to be different for these times. We don’t need more followers but spiritual and creative leaders like you. Yes, you are reading that right. You are a wise old soul, and deep within, you know that you came here for this ascension event, the ascension to a higher dimension and consciousness.

If this all resonates with you, chances are that your soul has chosen to ascend to New Earth or even higher dimensions. It is your time to shine. Join me on your spiritual journey to remembering who you are and why you came here on Earth.

We are the creators of New Earth.

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